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MES ┃ SOCIAL Internally
Displaced Persons
A Brief Overview Due to multiple crises in the Middle East, the issue of internally displaced peoples (refugees that don’t leave their country of origin) is growing. These people suffer because no international law exists to protect them.
Council Info MES (Social) is a platform for Middle Eastern nations to come together and collectively address social issues that plague all countries in the region.
Venue Humanities Room
Difficulty Intermediate
Eligibility 17-18
Secondary Issue Cultural Erosion in Big Cities
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Michael Lee

Head Chair

Between swimming, debate, and designing the IMUN and MES websites, Michael has not had as much sleep as he would have liked. To preserve what little mental stability he has left, Michael's chair bio will end here.

Jeremiah Tan

Vice Chair

Jeremiah has been regularly involved in the Model UN Scene for the Past 3 years, attending over 10 conferences as a Chair, Delegate, or Member of the Staff. The academic rigour of debate generated by these conferences have been invigorating and inspirational, helping him acquire a particular set of skills and knowledge that are applicable and pertinant to both global issues and daily affairs. Although he has ultimately retired from his journey as a delegate, he is still passionate about being able to contribute to the scene in other capacities. With this, he sincerely hopes that delegates of this council will undergo meaningful and productive debate, acquire new skills, but most importantly, through all this have a fun and enjoyable experience.

Amanda Lim

Vice Chair

Amanda, almost unfortunately, possesses a deep passion for the humanities - only rivalled by her passion in advocating that IB students deserve a full night's rest. Idealism aside, she acknowledges that MUNs are undoubtedly a place to foster a greater awareness of international affairs and looks forward to overseeing insightful and intellectual debate.