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MES ┃ POLITICAL Kurdish Autonomy
A Brief Overview The Kurds are an often oppressed ethnic group spanning many countries: their hope of an independent Kurdistan has never been actualised. Recently, a rise in Kurdish nationalistic sentiments has spurred Middle Eastern powers into action.
Council Info MES (Political) is a council where different Middle Eastern nations come together, where debates, decisions and diplomacy play out to write history.
Venue TOK Room
Difficulty Intermediate
Eligibility 17-18
Secondary Issue Prevention of State-Funded Terrorism
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Gideon Tay

Head Chair

Gideon is a Year 6 student with diverse passions and interests: you may find him at local MUNs, science competitions or volunteering with the Interact Club. As Head chair of MES political 2018, he hopes to see intellectually-stimulating and rigorous debate.

Anastasia Teow

Vice Chair

Anastasia is that friend whose ardent love for frappes and teas could pretty much sustain most of the beverage market - so to speak. Yet aside from her over-reliance on sugared-filled drinks, she does also very much enjoy creative writing and nature -- which effectively fulfils the basic-emo girl type on buzzfeed or the likes. In any case, she hopes that she would not so much be known for such superficial qualities, but rather be known for her personality which is warm and cheery. With that said, she would like to wish the delegates all the best and is looking forward to a grand time in council :p.

Jessica Glenn

Vice Chair

Jessica is a Year 5 student who constantly questions why she began munning at all. Despite this, she's looking forward to the hopefully intellectual debate and inevitably cringy pick-up lines.