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MES ┃ ECONOMIC Income Inequality in the
Middle East
A Brief Overview Income inequality: the income gap separating the haves and have-nots has never been wider, especially in the Middle East. Left unmitigated, this problem has the propensity to further escalate tension in the region.
Council Info MES (Economic) is a committee for Middle Eastern nations with deep divergences to work together to collectively resolve shared economic problems.
Venue CPA1
Difficulty Intermediate
Eligibility 17-18
Secondary Issue Globalization of Local Industries
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Joshua Lim

Head Chair

Joshua is a Year 6 who deeply enjoys playing Ultimate Frisbee, though you wouldn't be able to tell based on his height and the leg brace that he is commonly found wearing. He is similarly interested in the politics of economy played between nations, though Greece's bankruptcy can hardly compare with his crippling sleep debt.

Philip Tham

Vice Chair

Philip loves everything about diplomacy and discourse between countries. Speaking of countries, he is very fond of a certain artist who transitioned from country music to pop music, whose name sounds like Snakey Perry. 🐍


Vice Chair

Pavan has "thought"s. One of them is that he is an IB student, therefore he should be internationally-minded. This is what brought him to the MUN arena in the first place, for which a civil war had to be raged aganst his scientific "thought"s. Pavan suffers from scheizophrenia in his sanity, for while his eyes are stuck on the world, his mind is stuck in the misty suburbs of mathematics and science (as seen from his PCMG subject combination). But delegates, delegates, delegates, Pavan is gifted with the power of concentration of a cadet (ex NCC First Seargent) and he shall mull over the depth and breadth of his delegates' all-rounded speeches. This chair is particularly concerned that he possesses two best delegate awards with no other diversity in his MUN acheivements other than political acting in a certain school that has the initials R.V. and serving the International Model United Nations Conference as an academics staff. Delegates are advised to look at the political actors' videos for a certain familiar face.