MES 18

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Charitable Partnership with Beyond Social Services

As knowledgeable and well-informed delegates, we are sure that you are keenly aware of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals - in particular, the first goal of eradicating poverty.

Unfortunately, poverty is a pertinent reality that some of our fellow Singaporeans have to face. While the proposed policies made in council are merely theoretical, here is an actual opportunity to give back to the community.

How can you help to make a difference? ACS (Independent)‘s Young Diplomats Society will be working with Beyond Social Services in Singapore. During this year's IMUNC and MES, we will be organising a collection for basic necessities for families in need such as:

  • soap bars
  • shampoos
  • body wash
  • face towels
  • large body towels
  • toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • detergent
  • dishwashing soap
Did you know that the biggest need for most lower income families are actually daily toiletry items? Every one of your contributions will make a difference in their lives. We will be collecting these contributions on the first two days of the conference and appreciate your effort towards making an impact.

Thank you.